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Proceedings of the LCBR European Marketing Conference 2015


This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.
Procedural Notes

Featured Presenter:   Kwaku Appiah-Adu (Ghana):
Topic:  Branding and Economic Development: The Case of Ghana
(by Kwaku Appiah-Adu and George Amoako)

Session A

The use of franchising in the hotel industry: a preliminary analysis of performance
Rosa Mariz (Spain) (Chair)

Word of Mouth Advertising on Social Media - The Ghanaian Experience
George K Amoako (Ghana) and Kwaku Appiah-Adu (Ghana)

Excellence in Social Marketing: Health Literacy through Online Healthcare Marketing
Müge Güldaş (Turkey)

The Volume and Valence of Electronic Word-of-mouth in Social Websites: A Simulation Modeling Approach Using Network Topologies and Artificial Neural Networks
Ying Wu (United Kingdom) and Malcolm Stewart (United Kingdom)

The Role of Social Media for the Effectiveness of Internal Communication: Exploratory Study
Ricardo Mena (Portugal)

Optimal Personalized Advertisement for Virtual Reality Environments
Menekşe Gizem SAYGI (Turkey)

Social network site’s content impact on consumer brand engagement: a literature review
Paulo Rainha (Portugal) and Ana Margarida Barreto (Portugal)

Session B
Session B is part of the Forum on Industrial Organization and Marketing

Can Continuous Product Upgrading Deter Entry?
Sumit Sarkar (India) (Chair)

The Role of Customer Reference Marketing on Organizational Buying Behaviour – Evidence from the Portuguese Energy Industry
André Morgado (Portugal)

Misallocation and Total Factor Productivity in Italy: evidence from Firm-Level Data
Sara Calligaris (Italy)

Social Network Effects And The Demand For Quality
Dominic Hauck (Netherlands)

Add-on pricing: theory and evidence from the cruise industry
Marco Savioli (Italy)

On the Merits of Antitrust Liability in Regulated Industries
Debashis Pal (United States)

Prices, Reviews and Endogenous Information Transmission
Luciana Nicollier (United Kingdom)

Session C

Academic guidelines for content marketing: research-based recommendations for better practice
Charmaine du Plessis (South Africa) (Chair)

Use of Entrepreneurial Finance Tools in the Field of Marketing
Guldem Gokcek (United States)

Retail chain cooperation with banking sector in creating value for customers - polish perspective
Katarzyna Bilińska-Reformat and Małgorzata Kieżel (Poland)

Knowledge about the Customer in Developing Marketing Strategies of Retail Chains - Polish Perspective
Katarzyna Bilińska-Reformat and Beata Reformat (Poland)

Geolocation as a marketing innovation in communication and determinants of its application in Polish sector of retail trade and retail banking
Małgorzata Kieżel and Beata Reformat (Poland)

The Impact of Presentation Format on Consumers’ Perceptions of Price Promotion Offers
Igor Makienko (United States)

Session D

Effect of buying firm’s satisfaction with supplying firm on the buyer-seller relationship sustainability in a B2B dyad
Punyaslok Dhall (India) (Chair)

Why is it so difficult to effectively promote desired environmental behaviors? Getting a big picture to improve effectiveness
María Puelles Gallo (Spain)

Fashioning marketing the Polyvore way
Evgenia Tarasova (United Kingdom)

Consumers’ attitudes toward advertising by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners
Lennon Tsang (Hong Kong)

Social networks as a platform for business marketing
Bráulio Alturas (Portugal)

The Effects of Personality Traits on Mobile Marketing Adoption Among Young
Tamer Awad (Egypt)

Session E
Session Chair: Dilşad TEKİN (Turkey)

Exploring children’s perceptions of beauty: A drawing study
Maggie Fung (Hong Kong)

The cross-cultural impact on luxury consumption motivations of young consumers: a Comparative Study
Yaqiong Zhang (United Kingdom)

Generation Y: Modern Marketing Practitioners of Family Businesses
Dilşad TEKİN (Turkey)

Customers' relationship with their main grocery retail: an empirical study in the Portuguese context
Sandra Filipe (Portugal)

Session F
Session F is part of the Forum on Industrial Organization and Marketing

Managerial Delegation in Multimarket Oligopoly
Barnali Gupta (United States) (Chair)

The promotion "pay for n, take n+k" as the stategic game
Sławomir Kalinowski (Poland)

How do entry barriers affect SMEs’ entry decisions? An empirical assessment of Portuguese firms
Alexandra Couto (Portugal)

Ex post effect of restructuring State aids on investment: are compensatory measures efficient?
Juliette Rey (France)

The influence of consumer recommendations on advertising strategies in the optimal goodwill model with market segmentation
Dominika Bogusz (Poland)

Bidder collusion in sponsored search auctions
Emmanuel Lorenzon (France)