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Papers presented at Forum on Industrial Organization and Marketing 2014

This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Procedural Notes

Measuring innovation capability in exporting firms: The INNOVSCALE
Cláudia Seabra (Portugal)

Patent Competition with Licensing
Ding Rong (Singapore)

Bidirectional Ordered Research
Zhong Wen (China)

Export market effectiveness
Cláudia Seabra (Portugal)

Multi-platform competition with price setting sellers
Shen Bo (Singapore)

Modelling structural relationship between consumption value, perceived value, perceived risk, consumer’s travel experience, and intention to purchase
James Chen (Taiwan)

Consumer disaffection and local pricing: A role for micro marketing?
Simon Rudkin (China)

Economics of Chart Toppers: Market Concentration and Product Variety
Joanna Syrda (United States)