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Proceedings of the LCBR European Marketing Conference 2012

Session A

“Success Factors of Shop-in-Shop – An Empirical Analysis at the Example of a Domestic Appliances Manufacturer”
Marc Kuhn (Germany) (Chair) & Katharina Beine (Germany)

“Evaluation of Green Marketing Activities in Scope of Local Food Systems’ Sustainability Enhancement in Latvia”
Gunta Grinberga-Zalite (Latvia)

“From Earth to the Table: Cross Cultural Study on Wine Consumption Habits”
Diren Bulut (Turkey)

“Integrated Marketing Communication for SME’S Organic Fertilizer in Thailand: The Case Study of Men-Ngern BRAND”
Kawpong Polyorat (Thailand)

“Consumer Perception of Global Renewable Energy Projects – exemplified at DESERTEC”
Vanessa Kollmann (Germany), Yvonne Zajontz (Germany) & Marc Kuhn (Germany)

“Rapid Internationalization of SMEs from Resource Based View: A longitudinal Study of a Pharmaceutical Company in Iran”
Mohammad R. Saeedi (Sweden), Hossein Dadfar (Sweden) & Staffan Brege (Sweden)

Session B

“Distinguishing Prior Service Attributes for Customer Satisfaction by Dual Importance Mapping”
Meltem Caber (Turkey) (Chair)

“Online consumer behaviour and shopping intention in Saudi Arabia”
Samia Almehmadi (United Kingdom)

“Franchise Fees and Manufacturers' Collusion”
DongJoon Lee (Japan)

“Sales people as stress factors in retail shopping”
Adrienne Steffen (Germany)

Session C

“The Uncommon Sense of Advertising – Understanding Contemporary Advertising Appeals in Press of Top Advertisers in India”
Freda Joseph Swaminathan (India) (Chair)

“Can product placement transcend through cultures: A comparison study between UK and Chinese (Hong Kong) Audiences”
Fanny Chan (United Kingdom)

“Attractiveness of Shopping Malls in Turkey”
Mustafa Unsalan (United States)

“Nondiagnostic Haptic Cues Have Effect on Taste Evaluation: The Moderating Role of Visual Cue”
Ya-Hui Hsu (Taiwan), Wenchang Fang (Taiwan) & Hsiao Chi Hou (Taiwan)

“The New Ways Of Relationship Marketing Strategy Toward The BOP To Develop Entrepreneurship In Indonesian, Thailand, Vietnam and Philiphine”
Aditya M. Salya (France)

Session D

“Social Media Marketing: Its Impact on, and Usage by, Young Adults in Pakistan”
Huma Amir (Pakistan) (Chair)

“Social media marketing in hotel companies: case study of an innovative approach to customer relationship management via Facebook at Maistra Inc. Croatia”
Iva Silvar Tiganj (Croatia)

“The Importance of Social Networking in the Dissemination of Musical Contents and Musical Events: The Case of Facebook in Portugal”
Braulio Alturas (Portugal)

“Do Users Look at Banner Ads on Facebook?”
Ana Margarida Barreto (Portugal)

“About a superiority of printed catalogs over e-catalogs a few reflections”
Joanna Hernik (Poland)

Session E

“The anatomy of methodologies in neuromarketing research”
Monica Diana Bercea (Romania) (Chair)

“A Rationale for Using System Dynamics in Marketing Analysis”
Madiha Metawie (Egypt)

“Quantitative methods for marketing performance monitoring”
Valerio Veglio (Italy)

“The Effects of Sequential Bias in Input Data for Recommender Systems”
Selwyn Piramuthu (United States)

Session F

“Constructing Ideas of Femininity: A Phenomenological Exploration of Young Girls Advertising Experiences”
Francesca Morosi (United Kingdom) (Chair)

“Stakeholders Perspective of Graduates Marketability: Comparative Analysis of Foreign and Locally Trained Products in Ghana”
George K. Amoako (Ghana) & Robert K. Dzogbenuku (Ghana)

“The role of consumers’ desire in the design of MBA (Marketing) curriculum: opposing views from students vs. employers”
Porramate Jaratmetakul (Thailand) & Kawpong Polyorat (Thailand)

Session G

“Is Beauty Only Brand Deep?”
Candan Celik Elmer (Turkey) (Chair), Ahmet Basci (Turkey) & Gokhan Cintamur (Turkey)

“From corporate identity to corporate reputation”
Cristina Ribeiro (Portugal)

“Perception of E-Mobility related OEM-brands – an evaluation of potential influencing variables”
Yvonne Zajontz (Germany), Marc Kuhn (Germany) & Vanessa Kollmann (Germany)

“The influence of “logo-fication” strategy on consumer perception of luxury brands: A preliminary finding from Japan”
Norlia Ahmad (Japan)

“The impact of university reputation on Employer retention as a customer of higher education”
Reem Albuainain (United Kingdom)& John Taylor (United Kingdom)

Session H

“Constrained Evoked set and Peculiarities in Consumption Patterns in the Constrained Choice Environment at Indian Bottom of the Pyramid: Some Initial Propositions”
Srabanti Mukherjee (India) (Chair)

“Franchising in the Czech retail market conditions”
Stanislava Kondasová (Czech Republic) & Halina Starzyczná (Czech Republic)

“A Credibilty Survey of Web Among Students of Higher Education in Turkey”
Nejla Karabulut (Turkey)

“Why we buy what we do not want to buy: The effect of faces in service encounter”
Chunji Jin (Japan) & Ichiro Furukawa (Japan)

Session I

“Identification and reengagement of lapsed consumers: empirical studies in the fitness industry”
Teresa Hurley (Ireland) (Chair)

“Pharmaceutical Marketing in Iran: A Study of Prescription Behavior of GPs and Cardiologist”
Hossein Dadfar (Sweden)

“Sunscreen Purchase Intention amongst Young Moroccan Adults”
Catherine Bachleda (Morocco)

“Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy in the Ecotourism Industry”
Amin Faghih Kia (Canada) & Vinod Kumar (Canada)