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2015 Call for Papers

The call for our 2015 conference will soon be announced.

2014: Conference Proceedings of the Finance and Economics Conference

This page lists the presenters and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to find out more details.

Cover Page

Procedural Notes

Featured Presenter:   Mark DeSantis (CEO of kWantera, United States)
Big Gains With Big Data: Efficient energy markets and predictive analytics

Session A
Mark DeSantis (United States) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 1: Financial Markets’ Shutdown and Re-Access
Vítor Castro (Portugal)

Abstr./Paper 2: Estimation of the Marginal Rate of Return and Supply Functions for Schooling: The Case of Egypt
Marwa Biltagy (Egypt)

Abstr./Paper 3: What do sectoral output and price data say about propagation of oil price shocks?
Lilia Karnizova (Canada)

Abstr./Paper 4 :Financial Inclusion in India : Issues and Challenges
Manojkumar Gandhi (India)

Session B

Abstr./Paper 5: Have we missed the right version of the standard Ramsey Growth model?
Atef Khelifi (Canada) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 6: Egyptian Pre-revolution Budget Deficit: Tax Lethargy or Public Policy?
Ali A. Soliman (Egypt)

Abstr./Paper 7: Mexico moves to Shale Gas Revolution under New Regulation
Araceli Espinosa Elguea (Mexico)

Abstr./Paper 8: Terrorism and its Impact on the Cost of Debt
William J. Procasky (United States)

Abstr./Paper 9: Dynamic model of fiscal solvency with capital tax shifting
Agata Kocia (Poland) & Robert Kruszewski (Poland)

Abstr./Paper 10: Informal care intensity and labour market outcomes: Evidence from the Australian household panel survey
Luke B. Connelly (Australia)

Session C

Abstr./Paper 11: Analysis of banking system contagion with random graphs
Guillermo Sierra (Mexico) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 12: Market Value and Performance of Brazilian Companies
David Ferreira Lopes Santos (Brazil)

Abstr./Paper 13: Underinvestment and overinvestment cases of the Russian companies depending on stage of the life cycle
Cherkasova Victoria (Russia) & Rechinskaya Valentina (Russia)

Abstr./Paper 14: The Determinants of Executive Compensation in the GCC Countries
Salman Alresheedi (United Kingdom)

Abstr./Paper 15: The Contribution of Foreign and Domestic Funding on Economic Growth of Fishery Sector: The Case of Indonesia
Muhammad Fadli Hanafi, Fadli Umam & Ijmal Hanandra Purba (Indonesia)

Session D

Abstr./Paper 16: The Relationship between Chinese and Japanese Stock Markets
Yan Zhang (Japan) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 17: Measuring Efficient Risk Management of Life Insurance Companies in Thailand Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
Roslily Ramlee (Malaysia)

Abstr./Paper 18: Rating and Pricing: State of the art for the proposal of new methodologies
Laura Gianfagna (Italy)

Abstr./Paper 19: Price movement after an information event detected by a new mesure PIR
Keebong Park (South Korea)

Session E

Abstr./Paper 20: Personal Bankruptcy Reform, Credit Availability, and Financial Distress
Hamid Boustanifar (Norway) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 21: The Role of Hedge Funds in Financial Crises: The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and The Global Financial Crisis of 2008
Atakan DURMAZ (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 22: The added-value of non-financial reporting in the DACH-Region
Jan-Frederic Schulz (Switzerland) & Andreas Grüner (Switzerland)

Abstr./Paper 23: The Shadow Banking System: The Role of Basel Accords During Global Financial Crisis
Yılmaz Onur ARİ (Turkey)

Aziza Ulugova (Russia)

Session F

Abstr./Paper 25: Impact of Micro-finance on the poverty status of Small scale arable crop farming households in Southwest Nigeria
Sakiru Oladele AKINBODE (Nigeria) (Chair)   & Salami Akeem Olanrewaju (Nigeria)

Salami Akeem Olanrewaju (Nigeria)

Abstr./Paper 27: On Poverty, Leisure-labor and the capability approach
Nasrin Dehghan (Iran) & Vahid Mahmoudi (Iran)

Session G

Magdalena Kludacz (Poland) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 29: Health Reform and Catastrophic Health Expenditure in Turkey
Işıl Şirin SELÇUK (Turkey) & Altuğ Murat KÖKTAŞ (Turkey)

Abstr./Paper 30: Education and Income Distribution Nexus: A Time Series Analysis for Pakistan
Maqbool Sial (Pakistan) & Ghulam Sarwar (Pakistan)

Abstr./Paper 31: A Structural Decomposition Analysis of Energy Use Change in Tunesia from 1990 until 2008
Monia Landolsi (Tunisia)

Session H

Abstr./Paper 32: Analysis of real markets in a synthetic world  Comparing the predictions of economic theory to real world data
András Margitay-Becht (United States) (Chair)

Abstr./Paper 33: Dynamic Effects of Charitable Giving in an OLG Model
Riham Barbar (Palestine)

Abstr./Paper 34: Legal differences regarding collateral and economic performance
Yoshinobu Zasu (Japan) & Ikumi Sato (Japan)

Abstr./Paper 35: Challenges and Opportunities in Applying the English Common Law in Hong Kong : A Case Study on Forensic Economics and Actuarial Evidence
Felix W.H. Chan (Hong Kong)

Abstr./Paper 36: Change trends in economic situation of large scale agricultural companies after Poland's accession to the European Union
Emilia Grzegorzewska (Poland)