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2015: Conference Proceedings of the Finance and Economics Conference

This page lists the presenters only and the country in which their institution/university/company is located. Click on the title of the presentation to access the abstract or paper and to see details on all co-authors, including non-presenters. All authorship information reflects the status at the time of submission in 2015, as submitted by the corresponding author at that time.

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Procedural Notes

Featured Presenter:  Vítor Castro (Portugal) 
Title: The hidden face of fiscal consolidation: Human capital is hurt!

Session A

Financial Constraints and Investment - Evidence from U.S. Companies
Jan Keil (Jamaica) (Chair)

Taming Macroeconomic Instability: Monetary and Macroprudential Policy Interactions in an Agent-based Model
Lilit Popoyan (Italy)

Causality Relations among the Real Government Bond Yields of the USA, Germany, Japan, the UK and Russian Federation: VEC Framework
Kaya Tokmakcoglu and Oguzhan Ozcelebi (Turkey)

On the impact of Public Debt on Saving-Investment-Current Account Dynamics: Some Recent Empirical Results
Sal AmirKhalkhali (Canada)

Technology Diffusion via Patent Collaboration: The Case of European Integration
Julien Berthoumieu (France)

Wages and Human Capital in Finance: International Evidence, 1970-2005
Hamid Boustanifar (Norway)

Comparison of Special Consumption Tax in Turkey – European Union Integration
Mehmet Burak CERAN, Hakan Ahmet Ozkurkculer, and Metehan ORTAKARPUZ (Turkey)

Session B

The analysis of WEEE/ROHS/REACH directive
Shihping Kevin Huang (Taiwan)

Estimating the size of the shadow economy in Egypt
Mai Hassan (Germany)

Optimal asymmetric taxation in a two-sector model with population ageing
Igor Fedotenkov (Lithuania)

Economic Crisis and India - EU Trade: A Sectoral Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
Arundhati Sarkar Bose (India)

Non-linear impact of government debt during adverse economic conditions
Vivien Djiambou (France)

The franc shock and Swiss GDP: How long does it take to start feeling the pain?
Boriss Siliverstovs (Switzerland)

Reserve Bank of Australia Monetary Policy: Real-Time Rules Matter
Gennady Lyakir (Canada)

Session C

Weighted Averages of Individual Measures of Uncertainty from the European Central Bank's Survey of Professional Forecasters
Víctor López-Pérez (Spain) (Chair)

Reliability of graphs disclosed in annual reports of banks
Laivi Laidroo (Estonia)

Information Accessibility and Cross-border Portfolio Investment: The relationship between ICT diffusion and FPI
Soyean Lee (South Korea)

Managerial Skill and Fund Flows in Commodity Trading Advisors And Managed Futures
Burcu Avci (Turkey)

Keeping up with the Joneses: The evidence from economies with Sovereign Wealth Funds
Dariusz Urban (Poland)

A Multi-Criteria Assessment of Corporate Failure Prediction Models
Mohammad M. Mousavi (United Kingdom)

Regional Border vs. Geographical Distance: What Prevents Banks from Inter-Regional Branching?
Mamoru Nagano (Japan)

Session D

The Ex-Dividend day behavior of Stock Prices: Evidence from the Saudi Stock Exchange
Turki Al-Zomaia (Saudia Arabia) (Chair)

The Financial Ratios For The Cost Of Infrastructures And Assets Services Provided By Public Sector Organizations
Abdulrahman Bin Talal (Saudi Arabia)

Dividend pay-out policy and firm financial performance: Evidence from Nigerian listed non-financial firms
Sunday O Kajola and Ademola Adeniran Adewumi (Nigeria)

Financial Distress Prediction: The case of French small and medium firms
Nada MSELMI (France)

Global risk aversion dynamics before and after the subprime crisis
Ozcan Ceylan (Turkey)

Financial Constraints and Firm Export Behaviour: Evidence from India
Padmaja Mundakkad (India)

With the behavior of buying goods in Facebook, is it time to move into social commerce?
Noppamash Suvachart (Thailand)

Session E

Modelling Arbitrage in Black Scholes with Gauge Theory
Guillermo Sierra (Mexico) (Chair)

Role of Private Equity in Resolving NPLs (With special reference to Europe)
Bharti Harnal (India)

Maturity shifts and friends for liquidity on the Italian interbank market
Susanna SAROYAN (France)

The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Domestic Investment: Evidence from Emerging and Developing Europe
Bilge Bakin (Turkey)

Renminbi Going Global: Push and Pull Factors
Faxin Teng (Germany)

The Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Thailand after the Global Financial Crisis
Yuthana Sethapramote (Thailand)

Session F

Value, Kinetic & Safety Fund for Corporate: Lessons Learnt From Economic Crisis & All Time Answer to Bailout
Vrajlal Sapovadia (Nigeria) (Chair)

Identification of Financing Options for Agricultural Small and Medium-scale Enterprises in Namibia
Elina Amadhila (South Africa)

The Relationships between Microfinance Banks Loans and Small and Medium Enterprises Financial Performance in South-West Nigeria
Jonathan Ekpudu and Olabisi Jayeola (Nigeria)

The finance-growth nexus: New evidence from Kenya
Mahmoud Arayssi (Lebanon)

Is health Care Really a Luxury? The Debate Revisited with New Evidence from Emerging Economies
Sanja Samirana Pattnayak (India)

Spatial Banking in Colombia: Tracing the link between firms’ performance and cash flows
Monica Roa (United States)

Session G

Inflation, Unemployment, and Public Employment
Te-Tsun Chang (Taiwan)

The Dual Structural Change in China and Non-balanced Growth
Shan Pan (China)

Learning by Doing: Evidence from China
Feng Shilan (China)

Immigrants’ social capital and labour market outcomes: Can it correct over-education?
Eleni Kalfa (United Kingdom)

The effect of labor flow networks on labor market outcomes and firm performance
Zsolt Csáfordi (Hungary)

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Neuroleadership
Anna Rostomyan

Session H

Banking crisis - Does size matter? Comparative analysis of the development of the banking sectors in Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland
Kamil Pruchnik (Poland)

Horizontal, Vertical and Conglomerate OFDI: Evidence from Thailand
Tientip Subhanij (Thailand)

Time-varying Term Premium: Evidence from Thailand
Suthawan Prukumpai (Thailand)

Determinants of Leasing Decision in Nigerian Listed Manufacturing Companies
Olabisi Jayeola and Jonathan Ekpudu (Nigeria)

Session I

A Postmortem of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment: The Future of Investment Governance
Gaye GÜNGÖR (Turkey) (Chair)

The Effects of Fiscal Policy on Employment: An Analysis of the Aggregate Evidence
Andrea Tafuro (Italy)

The role of land on access to credit: Evidence from domestic manufacturing SMEs in Vietnam
Saki Tapsell (United Kingdom)